Rethinking routes

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A route is a URL pattern that is mapped to a handler.

Traditionally in MVC this handler is the controller. The controller holds all of the logic that ties together models and views to output a web page.

const routes = [
  { match: '/', controller: 'Home' },
  { match: '/about', controller: 'About' },
  { match: '/blog/:id', controller: 'Blog' },

In Flux, there is no concept of a controller. Only views, stores (which hold the state of the app) and actions (which are dispatched to update the stores).

In React, our views take the form of components.

Instead of a route being mapped to a controller, it's mapped to a top-level page component.

const routes = [
  { match: '/', component: <HomePage /> },
  { match: '/about', component: <AboutPage /> },
  { match: '/blog/:id', component: <BlogPage /> },

Where has the logic gone that used to live in our MVC controllers?

  • Defining page title and description.
  • Getting the user based on the ID in the URL.
  • Getting a list of blog posts from the user.

We are kind of forced to do this in our top-level page components.

I'm not sure I like this. I would prefer logicless components. State as input. UI as output. Pure and simple.

const ui = component( state );

I think a better solution is to move all logic tied to URL into our routes. We could then dispatch actions to update state before we call the component.

I like the idea of dropping a route file next to any top-level page component, and letting the router handle the rest.

Using Redux as our Flux library of choice, that could look like this.

import {
} from '../../actions';
import { meta } from '../../config';
const route = {
  match: 'blog/:id',
  title: state => `Blog of ${ }`,
  meta: state => [
    { name: 'description', content: state.user.description },
  onEnter: ( url, dispatch, getState, done ) => {
    dispatch( postsUpdating());
    dispatch( updateTags( url.tags ));
    getUser( ).then( userAction => {
      dispatch( userAction );
      const state = getState();
      getPosts( state.user, state.tags ).then( postsAction => {
        dispatch( postsAction );
export default route;

I'm working on these ideas over at Universal Redux Router. This post is a preview of what the next version may look like.

I'd love to hear your thoughts!

Talk to me on twitter @colinmeinke.

Hasta luego.

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